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Your Child Is Unique ...

Each child has their own specific needs, likes, dreams, skills, abilities and challenges

They are on their own journey – some will learn quickly, some will take a little longer, what’s important is they are encouraged to grow at their own pace.

Our job is to help them along that road, just like you would.

Your child will be assigned a key worker, that will observe your child’s progress, strengths and weaknesses and will be your direct contract.

They will monitor and record your child’s success and challenges and feed that back, including their next steps.

In the early years – children learn by playing – by having fun.

We want your child to be excited about coming to nursery – to meet their new friends, have an adventure.

Nursery offers your child the opportunity to develop their social skills, to learn good manners and share with their peers.

Our parent partnership ensures that we work with you, reinforcing your values, beliefs and culture.

I’m Chloe the owner, with my husband Adam and Daughter.

We currently have 5 nurseries in the group and most of the year, they are full.

We do run a waiting list. The easiest way to discover whether we have any availability is to click the button above

Save Money On Your Childcare

We understand that childcare is expensive –  after all, we pay the staff wages every month and it’s over 60% of our income.

The government dictates the minimum wage and how many children each member of staff can care for.

But here’s the good news, there is a way to save £2,000 of your childcare costs.

Click the button on the left and we will send you a short report on ways or reduce your childcare costs.

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