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Some children bite instinctively, because they have not developed self-control. For example, when 3-year-old Marcus grabs a doll from his 2-year-old sister Gina, her first

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Toddler Sleep

How much sleep does my toddler need? The table below outlines roughly how much sleep toddlers need. These figures are just averages, though. Every child

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Head Lice

Here’s how to check your child for head lice by wet combing: Wash your child’s hair with her regular shampoo, then apply plenty of conditioner

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Sun Cream

In this warm weather, it’s vital that we protect sensitive young skin. We want your child to play outside in the fresh air as much

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Millie’s Mark

I am pleased to announce that we have earned the right to be recommended for a mark of approval from the Millie foundation. This mark

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Nursery Menu

Breakfast Breakfast is the most important meal of a day for children, but again presentation is key. It stimulates the body’s metabolism and gives children

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